How To Reinvent Yourself As Financially
Independent, Kiss Your Day Job Goodbye,
And Create a Freedom Lifestyle To Die For ...

From the desk of David MacGregor

Dear financial freedom seeker ...

You have likely arrived on this website as a result of a personal invitation from me, or via a recommendation from a friend. I say this because I do not advertise or promote this website publicly. In fact, I haven't even registered it with the search engines. Why? Because the content of this website is only for the eyes of those who already know of me in some way - either from my existing writings or as a member of my offshore freedom club - SovereignLife.

You see, I have a secret I want to share it with you. I say "secret" because, to be perfectly honest, it's not possible for everyone to benefit from it. In fact, you need to have a certain mindset, an intense desire, and the get-up-and-go attitude to take advantage of it - and most people wouldn't recognise it if they fell over it. But it's a secret nonetheless. And here's why ...

Back in 1996 I was in deep financial trouble. I'd made some bad financial and business decisions and ended up technically bankrupt - that is bankrupt in every way except legally. I was without an income and drowning in debt. And it was during this time of personal desperation that I came across a unique (and no longer in print) book. A book that literally changed my life. The content of that book is not important here, but what it did to change my mind and consequently my life.

In essence it opened my eyes to a revolutionary new way of living - a way that held the promise of a lot more money and freedom. I grabbed this idea for all it was worth and launched a new business based around it. It was a high-value newsletter and information package which I sold for $395. Little did I know what I had started!

After a year I had paid off all my debts, and within two years had saved over $100,000 - which completely turned my life around. It was at that stage I realised I could migrate my information product over to the internet to tap into a truly global market, and so created my first website. That was 1998. Since then I have worked full time online and honed my internet business and marketing skills to the point where I can literally create cash at will.

I have achieved the freedom dream that inspired me to action back in 1996. I live where I like. I work when I like. I have no office, do no commuting, and no one to call "boss". I call myself an "internationalist" because I have unplugged myself from the rigidity and constraints of the nation state and a locked-down occupation. I am free to live, work and play wherever I choose in the world. And now that I know, from down-in-the-trenches experience, exactly how to do this, I have decided to teach it to a few others.

And that's where my "secret" comes in. You see the internet is awash with promises of easy money, instant wealth, over-hyped opportunities, and the downright scams that infest everyone's email in-box. It's shark-infested waters out there! The fact is, you're much more likely to lose your hard-earned money than to make any - if you simply follow the online "herd".

The secret I'm referring to is actually the truth - the truth about making money online as learned from my own real-life online business experiences, both good and bad. And that truth is this: contrary to all the promises of easy riches to be found online, there are really only a few fool-proof ways to make serious money. It has taken me 10 years to finally understand this, and like most truths it's rather obvious when you see it in print. And two of those fool-proof ways are:

1. Create a unique business identity of your own - a brand you build, using proven internet marketing strategies. If you're serious about achieving a full time income online, then you should consider building your own business. This involves creating or sourcing your own unique product or service, discovering and targeting a profitable market niche, learning how to promote your website, and building the image and reputation necessary to succeed in the global market place.

2. Learn how to profitablity market other people's products or services as an affiliate - earning commissions on all the sales you generate. However, successful affiliate marketing requires much more than just pasting your affililate link all over the place, or emailing it to all your contacts, or blasting it on Craig's List and other classified ad sites. No, making good money as an affiliate marketer requires that you learn how to market like a professional - by creating your own "brand", having your own domain name and website - and building your online reputation. In this sense, successful affiliate marketing requires the same approach as building your own business, selling your own products or services.

And that's where I come in. If you want to learn how to do this, then I'm willing to teach you. I call this service, this initiation to a "world without borders" and unlimited possibilities, my Inner Circle. And it could do for you what that book back in 1996 did for me - reveal a way out of the JOB trap and provide a radical launch pad to personal and financial freedom.

What Is My Inner Circle And How Can You Benefit?

As someone who has been living the internationalist lifestyle since 2000, I know exactly what made it possible. It was the ability to work and earn money from anywhere on the planet - from the convenience of my laptop computer - due to the existence of the internet. Without it, I would not be doing what I am doing now - and enjoying it so much! In my opinion, the opportunity to make a full time living online is perhaps the most exciting development of recent years - completely revolutionising what we mean by "work" and offering a serious alternative to life as a "wage slave".

But the reality is that making a full time income online is simply a dream for most people. And that dream has spawned an industry of "hope" peddlers - those who are offering to make that dream come true. Unfortunately, most of these offers fall far short of the mark - whether it's the latest hot business opportunity, a so-called automated moneymaking system, or just your average internet scam. The truth is, most people have been burnt a few times, while in search of the real deal, and many have been turned off the idea for life.

I know this because I've been through it too. I've wasted my time chasing false rainbows. I've lost money in dubious schemes. I've expended valuable time and effort in opportunities that were doomed to failure. But all through it I have continued to build my own online business - learning by trial and error. And guess what? All that "wasted" time, effort and money has actually paid off - because I finally know what the real deal is. I know it because I live it. I know it because I see the money arriving in my bank account daily. I have mastered the art of turning my own dream into reality.

I'm not saying this to boast, rather to validate my claims, but it is common for me to make $400-$500 a day - from the comfort of my own home, in any country I choose to live. And you know what's even better? It's simply great fun! Sure, this doesn't put me into "guru" million dollar income category - but it does put me where I want to be, which is free and independent. More importantly, all this experience - the good and the bad - has taught me that if you want to build your own online business then it must be based around your own unique online identity. It could be offering a product or service you create, or one you get created for you, or even someone else's product. It doesn't matter which, as people succeed in all three ways. What matters is creating your own unique online presence, offering a unique product or service - and building an internet business on solid, proven sales and marketing foundations.

That's where I come in. My Inner Circle service is designed to guide you through this exact process - from start to finish. It offers a comprehensive, step-by-step system of learning - including access to all the required resources and tools - to enable you to create your own profitable online business - one that will give you a level of freedom and independence that can truly change your life for the better.

Your Success Blueprint

My purpose in offering this service is not to advise you what type of business to start, or to try and recommend any particular business. Rather, it is to provide you with a blueprint for creating your very own business - any business - one built on the proven success principles of online marketing.

The blueprint you'll be using will be based on what I do and have done, and will build logically through each step of the business-building process. And to give you an idea what those steps are, here's an outline:

Step 1: To brainstorm and discover the market you want to work in. The most important first step is to identify a clearly defined market niche. This niche should be something you are interested in, and it should be narrow enough to offer you the opportunity to create something unique and different - so you stand out from the crowd. A specialist niche makes it easier to build your new business and offers many more opportunities for effective advertising. This niche should then be validated by verifiable internet browsing data, using keyword research and other tools.

Step 2: To register a domain name that captures the essence of the niche market you decide on - and which takes into account the results of previous keyword research.

Step 3: To open a hosting account and create the building blocks of your new website. This process involves mapping out an ideal website structure - to define what is to be said and how, and a logical order of presentation.

Step 4: To create each page of the new website - the lead capture page, the sales page, the index structure and all the pages needed to make the website informative and recognisable to the major search engines. This involves learning how to apply SEO (search engine optimisation) strategies to each page, so they are indexed in an optimum way.

Step 5: To develop a marketing system which includes an effective lead capture page in combination with a free download of some sort, as an incentive for visitors to give you their name and email address. This would include the setting up of an autoresponder and creating effective follow-up emails to reinforce your offer.

Step 6: To put in place coordinated marketing campaigns aimed at targeted lead generation. This will include mastering the strategies of SEO, one way links, article distribution, referral marketing and pay-per-click advertising.

Step 7: To develop methods for testing and assessing your marketing strategies so as to have real time stats from which to evaluate the success or otherwise of the various campaigns.

My Inner Circle service specifically spells out each step you must take, so you are 100% clear as to what you need to do and achieve, and in what order. As a member of my Inner Circle you will learn the fundamentals of creating your very own online business - one which will increasingly add to your existing income, and if successful to replace it completely - if that's what you want.

However, this is not a "get rich quick" scheme, or any sort of cookie-cutter system. No, it's fully focused on you building a unique business of your own - one which you can be proud of and excited about - as you watch the money rolling in. And like any business, it requires effort and persistence.

I will be your guide, pointing you in the right direction and giving you all the information and tools you need to get the job done right. But you will provide the energy and will power. You will be the one implementing what you learn - as you follow my step-by-step business building process.

My guarantee to you is that I will not feed you any BS, or send you down any dead ends. I will only teach you what I already know works - and works well. My total focus will be in assisting you to create a profitable business - and to give you the knowledge and tools to go it alone in confidence. Of course I can't guarantee your ultimate success - that is for you alone to determine - but I do guarantee to provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary for such success.

What Do Existing Inner Circle Members Say?

I have been in and out of the "offshore" community in one way, shape or form for over 10 years now. Like many of us I have tried various aspects of the offshore lifestyle, or should I say attempted to move in that direction. But through it all I always felt that I was feeling my way through a fog of uncertainty.

Having set up an offshore bank account in past years I can remember the frustration of the lack of communication I had to endure with the banking facility, the exhorbitant fees, etc., that led to seriously diminishing my desire to fully engage and eventually employ the advantages of what the offshore and international lifestyle had to offer. With revisiting the concept of expatriation again through the venue of Inner Circle, I have to say I am freshly enthused and once again excited about the prospect.

I cannot share enough how the Inner Circle website and forum has eliminated so much of the mystery and fear of what needs to be done to succeed in transforming from "stuck" in an existence of servitude to that of an expatriot with hopes of personal and financial freedom.

It is difficult enough to keep focused on the goal of this freedom and all that it will bring to one's peace of mind without the additional worry and fear of how to do it, which step should come next, how am I going to generate income, has anybody else done this already, etc. As a consequence of your efforts and courage you have paved a path for the likes of me and others to just follow simple steps which in itself is challenging. I would say to anyone looking to secure their personal and financial future via an offshore presence, you are the guy from which to take advice.

The combination of SovereignLife and Inner Circle is the guidance that you must have to be successful in such an endeavor. Many thanks to you David for such a unique and knowledge-filled system to obtain the benefits of the offshore lifestyle. John Dettloff - Texas, USA

Although I have only gone a short way into the fascinating world of internet business, freedom and wealth, I have done a lot of considerable research into other avenues supplying various tutorials, materials and advice.

I do not know which are worthy or to be avoided at all cost, but I do know that if you want a real person at the other end of your e-mail replying within a few hours, if you are also more comfortable with sound, practical advice without all the hype and spin that accompanies so much of other 'Internet Business Clubs' (for want of a better expression), then in my opinion you have come to the right place with SovereignLife and Inner Circle.

I feel very confident of achieving a good degree of success with David MacGregor as my mentor, stimulated with the added learning and excited at the prospect of the road I am embarking on. My husband and I will, within a year, become PTs, lapping up the freedom this will bring. Thank you David for putting all this together, I hope you enjoy the process as much as I am. Jacqui Sayer - Kent, UK

I finally feel like I have the support I never even realized I'd been missing in starting my journey to 'real freedom' and joining the Inner Circle. Thank you, David, for following your guidance that's led the way for so many others to 'BE the change we wish to see in our world'. L.A. Roth - British Columbia, Canada

For me the Inner Circle could not have come along at a better time, because I have been struggling to get my website up and running properly. So my first impression is brilliant. The help I have received so far has simply been second to none.

Quite frankly David, even in this short, time has given support and assistance far above the call of duty. I have been a life member of SovereignLife for a number of years and I have always found David to be very responsive to all inquiries, honest and straight forward, and always willing to help. But what he has done for me so far I can never thank him enough. It has been a really exciting learning curve. What a great idea and keep up the good work. Alan Martin - NSW, Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will I benefit from this service if I already have an online business of my own?

A. Absolutely! Whether you are just starting out with no clear idea as to what you want to do, or if you have a seed of an idea you want to develop, or simply want to make an existing business more profitable, my Inner Circle service will provide the information, tools and resources you need to make a success of it.

Q. I don't have a product or service of my own, so will Inner Circle benefit me if I just want to do affiliate marketing?

A. Yes. If you want to do affiliate marketing by creating your own unique "brand" and online identity - as a way of promoting other company's products - then you will learn how to create and implement such a unique identity and "brand" by learning how to create your own website. You will also learn the basics of PPC advertising, article marketing and lead generation.

Q. What does your Inner Circle service cost?

A. Well, it's very subjective of course, but I'm going to be charging you a lot less than such professional advice and information is worth. I think I could realistically take online business students under my wing for $100 a month, or even more for ultra-personal service. But then I decided on a one-time lifetime membership fee of just $99. This includes access to the private member-only website, the full business-building blueprint, and recommended tools and resources.

News Flash! Membership to my Inner Circle is now free to members of SovereignLife only.

Q. Are there any additional costs?

A. Yes, any business has costs, and as you get your new business off the ground there will be various expenses associated with that. But the thing to remember is online business has far less structural costs than "main street". Your start-up costs will obviously include access to specific tools and services - including website hosting, autoresponder service etc, as well as marketing costs down the line. Initially you should allow for some one-off purchases of software and scripts, and around $50 a month in business-building costs. After a couple of months (or when your website is ready for publication), you should expect a further $100 or so monthly in basic ongoing business costs (not counting pay-for advertising, if you follow that strategy). Of course all of this is part of starting and maintaining your new business, and once you see the cash coming in, then such costs will become relatively trivial.

Q. How do I get started?

A. If this is something you know you want to do, and you've decided to plan for success - not to mention to set in motion a sound financial strategy for the difficult economic times ahead - then you should join my Inner Circle membership now. So don't dilly-dally, join today and take the first step to your future online business success.

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